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This site is currently experiencing technical difficulties, resulting in slowness or temporary unavailability. We are working to resolve these issues. In the meantime, you can access U of T Archives Online on Collections U of T.

Welcome to the University of Toronto Archives Online - an online repository used for sharing select items from the collections held by the University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS). Items available on the site have been shared to improve access for reference and research purposes to on- and off-site researchers.

Please note, this is a site-in-progress. We will be continuously adding items in the coming year.


The University Archives may not be the copyright holder of images or documents in its collection. For this reason, responsibility for infringement of copyright or other rights is assumed by the user, who is fully responsible for obtaining permission for use from the copyright holder. Every item includes a rights information field to help facilitate (re)use of the material when possible. See this page for more information.

Takedown requests

The Archives takes ownership, intellectual property rights and personal privacy seriously. All material available on this site has been shared for research purposes only and has been assigned permissions that reflect known usage restrictions.

You are invited to contact us if you believe that any of the material shared represents an infringement of copyright, privacy or other legal right. Please include a link to the material in question, along with information about the nature and reason for your request.

Language of its time

Material made available on this site are historical in nature and contain language or depictions of people representative of its time. This includes wording, cultural references and stereotypes that are no longer used or appropriate today. Historical language has been maintained in its original form, in keeping with archival practice, to preserve the context in which the associated records were created. This approach, while potentially upsetting, allows for the critical assessment and questioning of historical material by contemporary researchers.

The views expressed in the material shared here should be taken as a product of the era in which it was produced and in no way reflects the current opinion, goals or ethics of the Archives or the University of Toronto as a whole.


If you encounter an issue on the site, have any feedback or questions, or would like to request training or reference support from an archivist, please contact us.

Thanks to the Waterloo Digital Library (WDL) for crafting the wording of much of this page.