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Presentation to Dr. Sidney Smith at Convocation Hall
Portrait - Prof. Kurt L. Levy
Convocation procession
Convocation - Honorary Degree conferred upon Dr. Sidney Smith
Buildings - Old Medical Building
Buildings - Book Store
Buildings - Bookstore
Buildings - Forestry Building at its new foundation
School of Architecture and the Victoria Rink
Seiko Takahashi outside Convocation Hall
Portraits - Prof. J. H. Soper and Prof. W. G. Dean
Buildings - Forestry Building
Convocation - honorary degree recipients
Buildings - new site for Forestry Building
Library - students
Convocation - Honorary Degree conferred upon Monseigneur Maurice Roy
Portraits - Douglas G. Andrews and Barker Fairley
Campus views - Students outside University College
Household Science - students in Nutrition Program
Portraits - Dr. P. H. Brieger and Prof. G. S. Vickers