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University of Toronto. Remembrance Day Services, 1942
UofT, C.O.T.C. Officers & Attached Officers, Niagara Camp, June 1940
Col. Lang
Pack Troup at Wells, BC in 20 inches of snow
COTC Engineers at Camp Niagara building a dugout.
COTC Engineers at Camp Niagara building a dugout.
Charles P. Stacey in uniform taken in Ottawa
'A' Platoon I Coy. Canadian Officers Training Corp - University of Toronto Petawawa May 10 1945
Remembrance Day Ceremony on front campus in 1941 showing University of Toronto Canadian Officers Training Corp and women cadets.
University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corp. Officers -1940-41
Meeting of the Defence Research Board
Omond Solandt in uniform
Nurses getting water, No. 15 Canadian General Hospital, El Arrouch, North Africa
World War II Nurses with patients, 15th Canadian General Hospital, Bramshott England
Canadian World War II nursing sister, Irene Mick, on motorbike
COTC, Crossing a ford.
COTC winter training season (Oct 1940-March 1941) - Platoons in line, first parade
Officers of the COTC University of Toronto contingent, 1941-42
Toronto War Savings Parade, November 22 1941
COTC Niagara Camp, artillery piece being towed over bridge