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Woodworth College
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering audio-visual aids
David Carlton Williams
Donald G. Creighton
Announcement of lectures by George Buckland (1805-1885) to the Cranbrook Agricultural Association, 1846.
Dr. William Blatz seen here with a preschooler and her finger painting
Student nurses in a Practical Class
School of Nursing students in science class
Chemistry and Mining Building - Ore Crushing
Class in Sidney Smith lecture hall, July 1978
Mildred Vera Peters
Surgeons at the Royal College of Dentists at a special six-day course of instruction in reconstruction work, December 1918
Care to mother and babe.
Donald Coxeter, world famous geometer, seen here lecturing at the chalk board.
Food science class demonstration
Centre for Culture and Technology -  Marshall McLuhan seminars
Faculty of Forestry - effective communications
Dentistry - TV demonstration of dental techniques
Institute of Child Studies photographs
Medical Sciences Building - lecture