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Harold Adams Innis
Thain Wendell MacDowell
Captain Jacob Markowitz in battledress on return to England, 1945
Harry Cassidy in R.A.F. cadet uniform
Albert Garfield Wicks
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
University Company "K" Queen's Own Riffles, 1883
Members of "K" (University) Company, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, who served in Colonel Otter's column in the North West Rebellion of 1885
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
UofT, C.O.T.C. Officers & Attached Officers, Niagara Camp, June 1940
Thain MacDowell, University of Toronto graduate, awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in the battle at Vimy Ridge.
University of Toronto - 1st Tank Battalion, May 1918
Matthew Rae
'A' Platoon I Coy. Canadian Officers Training Corp - University of Toronto Petawawa May 10 1945
University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corp. Officers -1940-41
Malcolm Smith Mercer
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Platoon 2nd Division, 1915
John McCrae in World War I uniform.
Hume Wrong
NATO group including Dr Omond Solandt far left, chairman of the Defence Research Board.