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Lady Godiva
Civil Engineering bridge building competition
University of Toronto Cheerleaders
Homecoming Parade- Float Medicine
Summer school seminar in the Hart House quad, 1968
Students in the Undergraduate laboratory in Organic Chemistry.
Herb Tilson (winner of the 3 mile) and Chuck Wortman (2nd place) shaking hands
Murray Gaziuk being coached by George McMullen
Homecoming Architecture Float
Christmas Party in the Great Hall of Hart House
Forestry Woodsmen Competition
Sketch of the car named Miss Purity
Homecoming Parade - Pharmacy Float
Float in the 1960 Homecoming Parade
Knox College Float in the 1977 Homecoming Parade
Homecoming Parade- Medicine Float
Nursing students studying in lounge.
Bruce Simpson Pole Vaulting
Crowd outside the University Book Store as Morley Callaghan's book "Varsity Story" goes on sale in September 1948.
Trimming the Christmas Tree in the Great Hall of Hart House