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Fifth year architects
Sidney Earle Smith
Campus grounds during a snowstorm
Ajax classroom
Evans brothers in a residence room in Ajax
University of Toronto Engineering Society Graduation Ball Committee, 1948
Harold Adams Innis
Charles Vincent Massey
Henry John Cody, William Mulock and members of the University of Toronto Alumni Association.
William Eric Phillips and Vincent Massey.
William Paul McClure Kennedy
Jacob Finkelman
Nursing students from the 1945-49 class with Ms. Russell in the garden
[First class of Nurses to graduate in Canada] - "The Mack Training School"
Ajax Campus Dining Hall
Ajax Campus Class Room
Library, reading room under construction
School of Nursing Director Kathleen Russell meeting with Mary Beard of the Rockefeller Foundation and Mrs Plumptre.
International Student Nurses class, 1948-1949
J.J. McFadden Co., Ltd. Blind River. Lowering load down a hill on a crazy- wheel (#17)