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Clara Cynthia Benson
Annie Lewisa Laird
Clara Brett Martin
Clara Cynthia Benson
The First Basic Diploma Graduates from the School of Nursing, 1936
Library School Class, Ontario College of Education?, 1929-1930
Annie Teresa Reed (B.A. 1897)
Women's Medico-Literary Society
Nurse Margaret Allemang
Phyllis Hart, goalie of the Ladies' Intercollegiate Hockey Team, 1961
Class in Massage , second year, physiotherapy
Class studying the composition of eggs, School of Household Science
Students in Food Chemistry Laboratory Class
Eliza May Balmer
Margaret Langley, May Bell Bald, and Ella Gardiner
Annie Lewisa Laird
Nursing students from the 1945-49 class with Ms. Russell in the garden
[First class of Nurses to graduate in Canada] - "The Mack Training School"
Emma S. Baker
Officers of Women's Literary Society of University College, 1894-1895