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Hart House - Alumni Debate
University College - Alumni Dinner
University of Toronto Alumni Association - meeting
First group of alumni members of governing council, 1972
Alumni Affairs - Council discussion
School of Business - Alumni at Open House
University of Toronto Alumni Association - Annual Meeting
Alumni Association - Symposium - Genetics and the future of man
University College - Women's Alumni
Alumni Orientation
Faculty of Pharmacy Alumni dinner
Presentation of ceremonial 'Varsity Chair' to Dean James Milton Ham
Eric Aldwinkle and Morley Callaghan autographing copies of "The Varsity Story"
Engineering Alumni Association Reunion Dinner 1968
Northrop Frye speaks to Alumni
Alumni Debate and awards
Fundraising - United Appeal lunch
University College - Alumnae symposium.
School of Library Science Alumni Association - Third Bertha Bassam Lecture in Librarianship
Homecoming - float parade and displays