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Sir Frederick Grant Banting
Major M. Barry Watson, Second-in-Command and Chief Instructor of the University of Toronto C.O.T.C.
"A" Coy. Artillery, University of Toronto, C.O.T.C. , Niagara Camp, June 1941
Omond Solandt in uniform
Portrait of Charles P. Stacey in Royal Canadian Signals' uniform.
UofT, C.O.T.C. Officers & Attached Officers, Niagara Camp, June 1940
'A' Platoon I Coy. Canadian Officers Training Corp - University of Toronto Petawawa May 10 1945
University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corp. Officers -1940-41
Meeting of the Defence Research Board
Omond Solandt in uniform
Omond Solandt in uniform
Officers of the COTC University of Toronto contingent, 1941-42