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Royal Ontario Museum - Sketch of Plan of Exterior
Watercolour entitled "University College in 1876"
Pencil sketch by John Galbraith of native guide, Nahmagoons.
Mermaid sketch for stained glass window
Convocation Hall University of Toronto
Toronto Medical Grad
Etching of the Old Medical Building by Owen Staples
Convocation Hall, originally housed in the east wing of University College, north of the central tower
Coloured sketch of The 'Canadian volunteer', K Company, Queen's Own Riffles, 1866
Destruction by fire of the Toronto University, on Friday evening, 14th of February.
"The Old Toronto Observatory" painted by William Armstrong, 1852
Daniel Wilson's watercolour - "Road to the Pool, Pemigewasset River, N.H., Aug 16 1881
University College
Dr. Francis Barclay Allan
Doorway to the School of Hygiene Building
Replica of a Belgian Village used for target practice.
Pencil sketch by John Galbraith of native guides, Longback and Peter.
The Ramparts, Quebec
Caricature drawing of Dr. Primrose
Drawing of Gerald Blake