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William Hodgson Ellis
Royal Flying Corps - Canada. Lecture on airmanship, No. 4 School of Military Aeronautics, University of Toronto
Pamphlet - "Free Public Lectures on the War and Its Causes"
Instruction on artillery observation by the School of Military Aeronautics taking place in the Thermodynamics Building.
Professor of chemistry, Lash Miller lecturing in class room
Eli Spivak Chamber Music Class
John Galbraith
Announcement of lectures by George Buckland (1805-1885) to the Cranbrook Agricultural Association, 1846.
Dr. William H. Ellis at blackboard
Student nurses in a Practical Class
Chemistry and Mining Building - Ore Crushing
Robert Ramsay Wright
Surgeons at the Royal College of Dentists at a special six-day course of instruction in reconstruction work, December 1918
Care to mother and babe.
John Galbraith at chalk board.
Food science class demonstration