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Institute of Aerospace Studies - interiors
Institute of Aerospace Studies - facilities and staff
Institute of Aerospace Studies - facilities and staff
Slow-Poke reactor activated
Slow-Poke reactor activated
Dean Andrew R. Gordon in a laboratory in the Lash Miller Chemistry Laboratories
Prof. William A. Parks in trench
FERUT computer at University of Toronto Computation Centre
Map of CPR lines with Innis' annotations made while researching his Ph.D. dissertation on railways
Dr. James Hillier with the electron microscope
Dr. James Guillet of Chemistry in lab.
Dr. James Guillet of Chemistry in lab.
Dr. W.G. Bigelow and colleagues in hibernation research are grouped around an electro-cardiograph machine and cooling bath.
William A. Parks, head of the Department of Geology and director of the Royal Ontario Museum seen in trench
Unidentified medical researcher
Harold Innis with T.W. Harris, North West Territory
Albert H. Lacey, Chief chemist of the Insulin Committee, Connaught Laboratories
Dr. Frederick Kergin, at patient's bedside.
H.E.T. Haultain, professor of Mining Engineering
Ben Etkin with diagram for satellite stabilization