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Wilbur Rounding Franks
Original members of the Playfair Committee.
Dr. James Till in laboratory
Harold Innis in Churchill, Manitoba
Official Pass for J.C. McLennan issued to him by the British Admiralty.
Dr. Frederick Kergin, preparing for operation.
Ursula Franklin, Professor of Materials Science
Astronomer, Helen Sawyer Hogg beside the of the David Dunlop optical telescope
Prof Fred Urquhart
Ursula Franklin in laboratory
Dr. William Bigalow
Great Lakes Institute - Research onboard the Port Dauphine
Dentistry - open house
Portraits - Professor Duncan Graham
Faculty of Pharmacy - cardiac research bulb planting
Faculty of Dentistry - Orthodontic Studies in Burlington
Royal Ontario Museum - Dr Gordon Edmund, paleontologist, undertaking reptile tooth study
Great Lakes Institute
Faculty of Medicine - Department of Ophthalmology Opening
Department of Ophthalmology - view taken from operating table