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School of Nursing - Luncheon
Alumni Orientation
Centre of Culture and Technology - Housewarming
Faculty Retirement - Dr. Hendry
Massey College - Southam Fellows Party
Engineering Alumni Association Reunion Dinner 1968
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Hart House Art Gallery Canadian Paintings, Jacques Godbout Writer-in-residence and Chess Tournament
Scarborough College - Exhibit: "Art for Architecture - The Wall"
University College - Alumni Dinner
International Student Centre -  Katherine D. Riddell barbeque
Marshall McLuhan's Return Party
Hart House 50th Anniversary - rededication
Hart House 50th Anniversary - dinner
Hart House 50th anniversary -  Debate, archery, table tennis, and concert
Hart House 50th anniversary - dinner
Hart House 50th Anniversary - film festival, reception, chess tournament
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Hart House Farm celebrations
Brain Research Symposium on the Limbic System Influences on Anatomic Function - reception