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Commission on University Government -  meeting
Commission on University Government
Caput Meeting in Hart House
Student committee of the Hart House Drama Festival meet to review play material
Medicine - Class rally
Campbell Committee - meeting regarding changes to CAPUT
Campbell Committee - mass student meeting in Convocation Hall regarding the  report on student discipline.
Campbell Committee-  report on student discipline - students protest at Simcoe Hall
Commission on University Government - Meeting
Commission on University Government - meeting
Disciplinary procedures - meeting
Meeting - Procedures committee
Faculty of Arts and Science - Open Council Meeting in Convocation Hall
Placement Services - Meeting
Brain Research Symposium on the Limbic System Influences on Anatomic Function
Committee on the Structure of the University - First Meeting
Erindale College - Associates of Erindale Meeting
Faculty of Arts and Science - Council Meeting
Pollution Probe - members address meeting at Toronto City Hall