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Captain Jacob Markowitz in battledress on return to England, 1945
University Company "K" Queen's Own Riffles, 1883
Members of "K" (University) Company, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, who served in Colonel Otter's column in the North West Rebellion of 1885
NATO group including Dr Omond Solandt far left, chairman of the Defence Research Board.
K Company ca. 1880's
K Company in 1866 just after Ridgeway
University of Toronto contingent, COTC, Their Majesties Visit to Canada, May 22nd 1939
University of Toronto contingent, COTC on the front campus.
K Company of the Queen's Own Riffles
University Company "K" Queen's Own Rifles, 1891-92
C.O.T.C. Group identified
University of Toronto company, Queen's Own Rifles at Stratford
"K" Company, Queen's Own Rifles, after the Northwest Rebellion
K Company, Queen's Own Riffles, 1887
University Company K, Queen's Own Riffles, 1880-81
Officers of the COTC University of Toronto contingent with President Cody at the center, November 11th 1937
Oxford University Signal Service Section
COTC University of Toronto contingent, in front of 184 College St., 1924