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Engineers attempting to raid University College
Specialists in Physical Education, Ontario College of Education, 1930-31
Class in Medical Gymnastics - first year physiotherapy
University of Toronto Schools - students in lunch room
Initiation of engineering students
Fortieth Annual School Dinner program and menu
Student nurses in a Practical Class
Caledon Picnic, Ontario College of Education, 1934
Edward Beverly Prowd returns to camp with "Our Supper"
Forestry students awaiting public transit to take them on a dendrology field trip.
Students on the front campus, ca. 1880.
Women fruit pickers "farmerettes" at the Government Experimental Farm in Vineland Ontario in the summer of 1918.
Women students canvassing during World War I.
1923 Masquerade Hart House
Class in Weaving - First Year Occupational Therapy