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Dean Andrew R. Gordon in a laboratory in the Lash Miller Chemistry Laboratories
Dr. James Hillier with the electron microscope
Dr. W.G. Bigelow and colleagues in hibernation research are grouped around an electro-cardiograph machine and cooling bath.
Albert H. Lacey, Chief chemist of the Insulin Committee, Connaught Laboratories
Dr. Frederick Kergin, at patient's bedside.
Ben Etkin with diagram for satellite stabilization
Gordon Slemon and Douglas Andrews with reactor simulator
Slow-Poke reactor
Dr. Frederick Kergin, preparing for operation.
Reuben H. Chappell, glassblower
Scientists of the University of Toronto Aerospace Studies prepare payload that will go into the rocket cone used to collect scientific data form the ionosphere.
Donald Ivey and Pat Hume on the CBC program, Live and Learn, Focus on Physics