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C.O.T.C. soldiers - stretcher detail
C.O.T.C. - Map reading lesson
C.O.T.C. -lesson in strategy
C.O.T.C. - group with motorbikes
C.O.T.C. - Map reading lesson
C.O.T.C. - First Aid vehicle in front of University College
C.O.T.C. -Hockey Game on outdoor rink
C.O.T.C. - Radio Officers
C.O.T.C. - Tank on maneuvers
C.O.T.C. Soldiers on tank
C.O.T.C. - Surveyors
C.O.T.C. - Mortar Practice
C.O.T.C. - Gas Raid Drill
C.O.T.C. soldiers training on machine guns
C.O.T.C. - Troop carrier
C.O.T.C. - Engineers
C.O.T.C. - Engineers
C.O.T.C. - Camp Mortar Vale