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University of Toronto Engineering Society Graduation Ball Committee, 1948
Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Executive of Medical Undergraduate Women's Council and Medical Y. W. C. A.
Officers of Women's Literary Society of University College, 1894-1895
"The Varsity", 1882-1883
Executive of Mathematical and Physical Society
Kappa Alpha
University College Literary and Scientific Society
Toike Oikestra, 1913-14
The Lady Godiva Memorial Band at the 1974/75 College Bowl
University College Natural Science Club, 1867-1868
Membership ticket for the University College Gymnasium Association, 1880
Social Service 2T8
Varsity Editorial and Business Board, 1894 and 1895
Faculty of Education, Executive of the Y.W.C.A 1908-1909
Medical At-Home Committee, 1904-1905
Women's Medico-Literary Society
University College Literary and Scientific Society