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James Milton Ham
Moffat St. Andrews Woodside
Students cheering
The Lady Godiva Memorial Band
Esther Marjorie Hill
Clara Cynthia Benson
Map of University of Toronto Campus with satirical cartoons drawn by Helen Kemp (B.A. 1933)
Charles Malim Harding
Lorne David Lipowitz, graduation portrait from University College
Falconer Hall, 86 Queen's Park Cres., site of the future McLaughlin Planetarium
Andrew R. Gordon
Sidney E. Smith
James Till in his laboratory, 1975
Water colour painting of the Old School of Nursing Building, 7 Queen's park
Phyllis Jones
Kathleen King, School of Nursing
Edith Kathleen Russell
Dr. H. B. Fairley
Robert Meredith Janes
Dr. Ernest McCulloch