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Archie C. H. Hallett
John Robert Evans and John H. Sword
Marshall McLuhan on office floor
Marshall McLuhan leaving the coach house
Four past heads of the Faculty of Library Science
Rare Book staff preparing to move to the new library
Jack Sword, Alkis Kontos, Kay MacPherson and Prof. C.B. MacPherson hold of copy of the first volume of essays in honour of MacPherson
Dean Bernard Etkin at the Institute of Aerospace open house
Marshall McLuhan and his wife Corrine
Pauline McGibbon at convocation for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, June 13 1975
James Ham speaking at a press conference regarding the release of his 1976 Royal Commission Report on Health and Safety of Workers in Mines.
O.D. Vaughan, Chairman of the Board of Governors, with John P. Robarts
Margaret Lawrence, Massey College Writer-in- Residence, 1969-1970