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Members of the Massey Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters, and Sciences
School of Nursing Director Kathleen Russell meeting with Mary Beard of the Rockefeller Foundation and Mrs Plumptre.
Symposium on Herring, 1958 St. Andrew's New Brunswick
Faculty of Arts and Science - Council meeting
Pollution Probe - meeting at City Hall Council Chambers
Buildings - Croft Chapter House
New College - Principal Baines meets with GNU Club members
Centre for Criminology - Plenary session
Bernice Carroll, an American Scholar and Alison Prentice, Head of the Center for Women's Studies in Education, O.I.S.E.
James Ham speaking at a press conference regarding the release of his 1976 Royal Commission Report on Health and Safety of Workers in Mines.
Meeting of the Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, May 21st 1925
Student committee of the Hart House Drama Festival meet to review play material
Medicine - Class rally
Alumni Affairs - Council discussion
Hart House - Seminar with Premier Bill Davis
Faculty Council meeting disrupted by student protester
University of Toronto Alumni Association - Annual Meeting
Student protest - Meeting in Convocation Hall