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Homecoming Parade- Float Medicine
Summer school seminar in the Hart House quad, 1968
Students in the Undergraduate laboratory in Organic Chemistry.
Students observe experiment during an open house at the the School of Nursing
Hart House Farm, Apple Pressing on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hart House
"Just to the Right"
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Hart House Art Gallery Canadian Paintings, Jacques Godbout Writer-in-residence and Chess Tournament
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Concert, debate, and chess
School of Nursing - Open House
Float in the 1960 Homecoming Parade
1968 Homecoming Float Parade - Architecture student power themed "Claude-hopper" float
1968 Homecoming Float Parade - Erindale "hate violence" theme float
1968 Homecoming Float Parade - St. Michael's College Cheerleaders
1968 Homecoming Float Parade - Majorettes
1968 Homecoming Float Parade - Spectators
Scarborough College - Scarborough Fair
Hart House 50th anniversary -  Debate, archery, table tennis, and concert
Hart House 50th Anniversary - film festival, reception, chess tournament
Orientation of overseas students
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Hart House Farm celebrations