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Hart House Theatre - The Changeling
Hart House 50th Anniversary - rededication
Hart House 50th Anniversary - dinner
Hart House 50th anniversary -  Debate, archery, table tennis, and concert
Hart House 50th anniversary - dinner
Hart House 50th anniversary - Orchestra Rehearsal
Convocation - Honorary Doctor of Laws conferred on George Ignatieff.
Hart House 50th Anniversary - film festival, reception, chess tournament
Indonesian dancers
Orientation of overseas students
Campbell Committee - meeting regarding changes to CAPUT
Campbell Committee - mass student meeting in Convocation Hall regarding the  report on student discipline.
Campbell Committee-  report on student discipline - students protest at Simcoe Hall
Campus street traffic
Campbell Committee Report on Disciplinary Procedures -  Mass Meeting in Convocation Hall
International Student Center - President Bissell's Party for overseas students
Hart House 50th Anniversary - reception in Great Hall
Hart House 50th Anniversary - Hart House Farm celebrations
Hart House 50th Anniversary - chorus and orchestra
Fundraising - Varsity Fund telethon campaign