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Cover of the Varsity Magazine Supplement, 1918
Cover of "The Varsity" War Supplement, 1915
Professor Roy Cockburn with fellow engineering in Egypt.
Frederick Banting and Norman Bethune graduating portraits.
Malcolm Smith Mercer
People at First Remembrance day after the dedication of Soldier's Tower, Nov. 11 1924
Officers of No. 4 Canadian General Hospital, returning with trophies after visiting the wreck of Zeppelin at Vardar. May 1916
Notice to report for service under the Military Services Act.
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Platoon 2nd Division, 1915
Inside the cover of the Varsity Magazine Supplement, 1918
Cartoon depicting President Falconer in his office, designed to illustrate the German Professors controversy at the start of World War I.
Interior of the operating tent , No. 4 Canadian General Hospital, Salonika, Dec. 1915
Group of officers at NO. 4 Canadian General Hospital in Salonika, May 1916.
Photographs documenting the Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion of the Second Canadian Division.
Pamphlet - "Free Public Lectures on the War and Its Causes"
Pamphlet cover - "The University Hospital Supply Association".
Instruction on artillery observation by the School of Military Aeronautics taking place in the Thermodynamics Building.
John McCrae in World War I uniform.
Hume Wrong
Cartoons designed to encourage enlistment into the COTC : "The New Yell 1914-1915"