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"P.B.I." [Poor Bloody Infantry], 1920 - poster
Royal Ontario Museum - skeleton of Dinotherium
Royal Ontario Museum - Dinosaur mounted on wall
Royal Ontario Museum - Chinese Gallery T'ang Tomb Group
Royal Ontario Museum - Greco Roman Gallery
Drawing of Great Hall by John M. Lyle for proposed building for Women's University College, 1920.
Royal Ontario Museum - Cases of Minerals
Royal Ontario Museum - View of exterior, west side
Royal Ontario Museum - English Furniture, 17th century
Royal Ontario Museum - English Furniture, 18th century
Royal Ontario Museum - Hopi Indian Snake Dance
Royal Ontario Museum - View of exterior, west side
Proposed residence for F.F. Dalley Esq. at Ancaster Ontario, John M. Lyle, architect.
Velyien Ewart Henderson
George H.W. Lucas
Dr. George B. Smith "A Peep Behind the Curtains of Time"
The Players Club of the University of Toronto : First Production of the Fourth Season [Programme]
Matsuo: The Pine Tree (right) ; Rasmus Montanus (left) [Programme]
Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto Season 1921-22.
The Trojan Women of Euripides [Programme]