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Engineering Society elections, March 1981
Esther Marjorie Hill
C. David Sadleir
4th year Civil Engineering Class, 1957
Lorne David Lipowitz, graduation portrait from University College
Barbara Amiel
John R. Evans, Football Captain
Nora Hanna (Mrs. William Charlton) in Nursing uniform
Nursing - Class of 1954 - Five Year Basic Degree Course
Nursing - Post Basic Course 1944-1945
Football Captains J.R. Pampe and B. R. Taylor
Mike Raham and Mike Eben
Graduation portrait of William Davis
Graduation portrait of Margaret Atwood
Graduation portrait of Michael Ondaatje
Graduation portrait of Norman Jewison
Don Moir, Editor-in-chief, the Varsity 1947-48
Varsity Blues Cheerleaders
Medical Glee Club
"Dr. McBurney"