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Faculty of the Institute of Aerospace Studies tasked with assisting the Apollo 13 mission.
Dr Hillier and electron microscope
Solar Eclipse, Australia, 1922, at 20 seconds
Total Solar Eclipse, Australia Sept 21 1922, at 45 seconds, Einstein Plate
Solar Eclipse, Australia, Sept 21 1922, Outer Corona
Solar Eclipse, Australia, Sept 21 1922, Corona
Path of Eclipse, September 20, 1922
Aerospace Studies - Sonic Horn
Great Lakes Institute - Research onboard the Port Dauphine
Dentistry - open house
Faculty of Pharmacy - cardiac research bulb planting
Faculty of Dentistry - Orthodontic Studies in Burlington
Royal Ontario Museum - Dr Gordon Edmund, paleontologist, undertaking reptile tooth study
Great Lakes Institute
Faculty of Medicine - Department of Ophthalmology Opening
Department of Ophthalmology - view taken from operating table
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering - Miss Purity clean air car.
Institute of Aerospace Studies - interiors
Institute of Aerospace Studies - facilities and staff
Institute of Aerospace Studies - facilities and staff