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University of Toronto Senate Meeting on library stack access in response to the Heyworth Report from Library Council.
Senate - last meeting
Pollution Probe - meeting at City Hall Council Chambers
Faculty of Arts and Science - Council Meeting
Pollution Probe - members address meeting at Toronto City Hall
University College - Alumnae symposium.
Buildings - Croft Chapter House
New College - Principal Baines meets with GNU Club members
Senate Chamber - organizational meeting for alumni giving
Alumni Consultation - information session
Registrar's Office Staff
Dean R.R. McLaughlin meeting with the Space Allocation Committee
Alumni Advisory Council reception at Massey College
Center for Urban Studies
University of Toronto Alumni Advisory Council - meeting
University of Toronto Alumni Association annual meeting in the Galbraith Building.
Nieman Fellows at University of Toronto
Commission on University Government -  meeting
University of Toronto Alumni Association - meeting
Board of Governors - Last Meeting