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FERUT computer telegraph connection to the University of Saskatchewan.
Bora Laskin
Archibald Clifford Lewis
University of Toronto Track Senior Team, 1953-54
University of Toronto Indoor Track Team, 1956-57
Norm Williams, hurdles
C.O.T.C. - equipment - lathe
C.O.T.C. -Howitzers in front of University College
C.O.T.C. Ball
University of Toronto. Senior Football Champions, 1958-1959
Forestry Building being moved
University College Senior Basketball Team
University College Athletic Board
Coxeter family
Lois Marshall
Sigmund Samuel and Mr. Mathers at the doors of the Library
Hart House Theatre production of The Tempest
Hart House Theatre production of Hamlet
Hart House Theatre production of The Tempest
School of Law Hockey Team