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Hart House 50th anniversary - Orchestra Rehearsal
Hart House 50th Anniversary - chorus and orchestra
Faculty of Music - Rehearsal for Student Composers
Bread and Puppet Theatre perform "The Birdcatcher from Hell"
Faculty of Music - Czech conductor Karl Ancerl in rehearsal
Graduate Center for the Study of Drama - play " The Death of Cuchulain".
Opera School : rehearsal of Hamlet
Scarborough College - Early Music Workshop
Hart House Theatre - Robert Gill
Faculty of Music - Student Composers' Symposium
U.C. Players Guild - performance of "Wyt and Science" in the U.C. quad.
Faculty of Music - training course in Orff method
International Student Festival
Center for the Study of Drama - dress rehearsal for the production of Lysistrata.
Scarborough College Drama Club -first performances in the Meeting Place.