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Polish Class at the COTC, School of Infantry, University of Toronto, Jan. 3rd to April 3rd 1917
Frederick Coates with plaster facial models
"Farmerettes", home service workers during World War I
University "Sniper", UofT COTC, Camp Niagara 1915
Major C.R. Young, Polish Army Camp, Niagara on the Lake
Harold Innis with pupils in front of schoolhouse, Landonville Alberta.
Harold Innis at Vimy, France.
Frederick Coates applying face mask to WWI soldier
Ward Aides Practicing Woodworking
Map of Lens stored in Harold Innis' war diary.
Hand drawn map of the area around Lac La Nonne in northern Alberta, drawn by J.B. Bickersteth in a letter home to his family describing his ten day trip in this area north of Edmonton
Peavine Prairie - Hathersage Post Office - Mr Hicks (postmaster) and his team
School run by Bonstead and Bickestyth during the winter of 1911-1912
A western Canadian hotel - Mr. and Mrs Moore and Marie outside their "stopping place"
Missionaries visiting the Javis Family, Buffalo Lake, Feb 1913.
Lake St. Anne, Hudson Bay Store
Peavine Prairie - Part of the congregation outside Mr. Hall's shack
Faculty of Applied Science, Graduating Class 1915
Halt, Field Day May 10 1915, University of Toronto COTC training at Niagara on the Lake.
Signallers, University of Toronto COTC training at Niagara on the Lake.