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John G. Fitzgerald, Professor of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine and Director of the Connaught Laboratories
Charles Norris Cochrane, Professor of Classics.
Harold Innis (seated left) on boat, Mackenzie River Trip, 1924
Hart House Theatre production of the Chester Mysteries
Scene "The Kings" from the production of Chester Mysteries
Scene in Act 2 "Pictures in the pool" from the production of God of Gods
1923 Masquerade Hart House
Care to mother and babe.
Soldiers' Tower - Dedication of Carillon, Oct. 9 1927
Professor of mining engineering, H. E. Haultain with family in car
Physics professor, Eli Franklin Burton,
Portrait of Charles P. Stacey in Royal Canadian Signals' uniform.
Trinity College, view from South East
Trinity College, illuminated
Grave site with granite cross for General J. Halles of Poland.
Meeting of the Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, May 21st 1925
Costume for ice show "The Party Brick"
Costume for ice show "Gingerbread Man"
Costume for ice show "Melon Man"
Costume for ice show "Jellybeans"