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Bruce Kidd, Bill Crothers, and coach Fred Foot at the Millrose Games, Madison Square Garden
Runners Bruce Kidd and Harry Jerome at British Empire Game Trials at East York, August 1962
Runner, Bruce Kidd
Mike Raham and Mike Eben
School of Library Science - Drawing 1500-B/1004 - Fifth and Sixth Floor Plans
Eli Kasner, guitarist, Wednesday Five O'Clock Music Room, Hart House, Spring 1960
University President, Claude Bissell, debates Stephen Langdon, president of the Students' Administrative Council [SAC]outdoors in front of Hart House
Stephen Langdon, president of the Students' Administrative Council [SAC], debates President Claude Bissell outdoors in front of Hart House
Hart House Farm, Apple Pressing on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hart House
Exterior shot of the Medical Sciences Building soon after completion
Varsity Fund's flag raising
Varsity Blues hockey team - Queen's Cup
Brain Research Symposium on the Limbic System Influences on Anatomic Function
President's Dinner for the Committee of One Thousand
Centre of Culture and Technology - Housewarming
Alumni Debate and awards
University College - Historical Tour
Faculty Retirement - Dr. Hendry
Faculty of Dentistry - Student production featuring Mike Raham
Sports - Hockey, Mike Raham playing in Varsity Arena