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University of Toronto Alumni - spring reunion tour
Varsity Fund Telethon
University of Toronto Alumni - Council Meeting
Devonshire Place - reunion
University of Toronto Alumni - spring reunion
University of Toronto Alumni Symposium
Varsity Fund Telethon Campaign
University College - Women's Alumni
Alumni Orientation
Faculty of Pharmacy Alumni dinner
Presentation of ceremonial 'Varsity Chair' to Dean James Milton Ham
Varsity Grads Canadian Olympic Hockey Team
Henry John Cody, William Mulock and members of the University of Toronto Alumni Association.
Sod turning ceremony for Convocation Hall
University College Class of 1887 reunion
E. Marjorie Hill and her father, ca. 1950
Captain Goldwin W. Howland
A young Glenn Gould at the piano with Alberto Guerrero
Commander Nieh Jung-chen talking with Dr. Bethune in the summer of 1938 soon after the latter's arrival at the Shansi-Charhar-Hopei Borader Area from Yenan. On the right is an interpreter.
Dr. Bethune taking a picture with an Eighth Route Army sentinel in the summer of 1939.