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University of Toronto Varsity Blues Yates Cup Champions 1983
Varsity First Rugby Team. City Champions 1902
University of Toronto Association Football Team, 1890. (Champions of Canada)
Varsity II, Intermediate Champions of Ontario and Canada, 1897
Toronto University Rugby Team 1901, Inter-College Champions
University of Toronto Rugby Club - Senior Intercollegiate Champions, 1926.
University of Toronto O.R.F.U. Champions 1928-29
University of Toronto I Rugby Team, 1921-22 Senior Intercollegiate Champions
1903 University of Toronto Football Team
University of Toronto O.Q.AA and College Bowl Football Champions, 1965-66
University of Toronto Rugby Team, 1905
University of Toronto Hockey Team 1971-1972
Hockey Blues Team 1973-1974
Intramural Men's Soccer - Senior Meds Team, 1949-1950
Intramural Men's Hockey - Meds Senior Team, 1948-1949
Intercollegiate Women's Tennis - Varsity Team, 1947-1948
Varsity Blues Football Team. 1949-1950
Varsity Blues Football Team, 1949-1950
Intramural Men's Football - Junior Meds Team, 1949-1950
Intercollegiate Women's Archery - team practice at Varsity Stadium