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Institute of Aerospace Studies - Testing of Air Cushion Vehicle
Toronto General Hospital - Heart research
Portrait - Dr. Charles Samuel Hanes
Hospital for Sick Children - dogs
Faculty of Medicine - Department of Ophthalmology
Department of Astronomy - roof top observatory on St. George campus
Institute of Aerospace Studies - facilities and staff
Gordon Slemon and Douglas Andrews with reactor simulator
Slow-Poke reactor
R.J. Johnston, Joseph Kates and Leonard Casciato with UTEC computer.
Moon rock display at Erindale College
Wilbur Rounding Franks
Prof. Ernest A. McCulloch shown here (3rd from right) with colleagues at the Symposium on Cell Multiplication.
Original members of the Playfair Committee.
Trixie Worsley and Irene Ploester at the IBM 650 computer in the University of Toronto Computation Centre
FERUT computer at the University of Toronto
Console of the FERUT computer at the University of Toronto
FERUT computer telegraph connection to the University of Saskatchewan.
Prof. A.G. Hunstman working in laboratory
Astronomer, Charles A. Chant views eclipse, January 24 1925