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"A" Coy. Artillery, University of Toronto, C.O.T.C. , Niagara Camp, June 1941
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
University Company "K" Queen's Own Rifles, 1891-92
Officers. University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corps, Feb. 1915
C.O.T.C. Group identified
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
Lieut. Harold Watson, B.A. 1913, 13th Battery C.F.A.
In Memoriam Graduates and Undergraduates of the Faculty of Forestry killed in Action in the War of 1914-1918.
Harry Cassidy in World War I uniform
Engineering student Kent Duff in COTC Uniform
67th Battery, in front of doors to University College, July 16 1916
Prof . Roy Cockburn in front of destroyed house on the French Front.
Omond Solandt in uniform
Military Hospitals Commission Command - School of Massage, 1917
Polish Class at the COTC, School of Infantry, University of Toronto, Jan. 3rd to April 3rd 1917
Drawing of Gerald Blake
Portrait of Charles P. Stacey in Royal Canadian Signals' uniform.
University of Toronto company, Queen's Own Rifles at Stratford
"K" Company, Queen's Own Rifles, after the Northwest Rebellion