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University of Toronto Erindale College For 5000 Students
Breaking ground at Erindale College
Dr. W.G. Bigelow and colleagues in hibernation research are grouped around an electro-cardiograph machine and cooling bath.
Buglers at C.O.T.C. Ball
C.O.T.C. Ball
C.O.T.C. Ball
Dr. Ursula Franklin receiving an Honorary Degree from the University of Toronto
John R. Evans, Football Captain
Hockey players crossing front campus
School of Law Hockey Team
Intercollegiate Badminton Team - Senior Champions
School of Library Science video demonstration.
"Goodbye" - 1952 on retirement - Director Emeritus of Nursing leaving for England
1968 Graduating Class, School of Nursing, University of Toronto
Nursing - Class of 1954 - Five Year Basic Degree Course
Nursing - Post Basic Course 1944-1945
University of Toronto, Senior Football Champions 1958-59
University of Toronto Varsity Blues Football Team, 1974
University of Toronto Senior Football Team Champions, 1951
University of Toronto Varsity Blues Senior Intercollegiate Champions 1967