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University of Toronto Schools - amateur theatricals
University of Toronto Schools - sailor
University of Toronto Schools - students on athletic grounds playing baseball
University of Toronto Schools - lunch room
Convocation Hall
Rows of planes on the ground.
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
Prof. A.M. Bains
Col. Lang and A.D. LePan
Officers. University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corps, Feb. 1915
President Robert Falconer sitting at desk
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
Lieut. Harold Watson, B.A. 1913, 13th Battery C.F.A.
Edward Beverly Prowd returns to camp with "Our Supper"
In Memoriam Graduates and Undergraduates of the Faculty of Forestry killed in Action in the War of 1914-1918.
Two C.O.T.C. soldiers with horse
C.O.T.C. recruits with sticks
Royal Flying Corps, with bed rolls in front of tents on University of Toronto Back Campus
[Programme] Opening of the Organ, June 6 1912