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Varsity Blues hockey team - Queen's Cup
Brain Research Symposium on the Limbic System Influences on Anatomic Function
Centre of Culture and Technology - Housewarming
Alumni Debate and awards
University College - Historical Tour
Faculty Retirement - Dr. Hendry
Faculty of Dentistry - Student production featuring Mike Raham
Sports - Hockey, Mike Raham playing in Varsity Arena
Committee on the Structure of the University - First Meeting
Sunnybrook Hospital - Open House
Faculty of Arts and Science - Dean A.D. Allen speaks to high school teachers
Sculptress  Dora de Pedery Hunt and Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson
Erindale College - Associates of Erindale Meeting
Massey College - Southam Fellows Party
Faculty of Arts and Science - Open Council Meeting in Convocation Hall
Hart House 203rd Debate
Engineering Alumni Association Reunion Dinner 1968
Placement Services - Meeting
McLaughlin Planetarium - Opening
Hart House Theatre - Production of "The Fan"