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First series of "B" concrete panel for New Medical Sciences Building.
Norm Williams, hurdles
C.O.T.C. - Tri Service Ball
C.O.T.C. - Tri Service Ball
C.O.T.C. - Tri Service Ball
C.O.T.C. Ball
War protesters on campus.
University of Toronto. Senior Football Champions, 1958-1959
University of Toronto Swim Team. 1971-72
Forestry Building being moved
School of Law Hockey Team
Bruce Kidd crossing the finish line at the 1963 Firestone War Vets Race.
Nursing - Class of 1965, 3rd Year Basic Degree Course
Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Class of 1955
Nursing student, Lenore Mathers, in the Operating Room
Nursing Students in Mt. Sinai Hospital Nursery
University of Toronto Senior Intercollegiate Football Champions 1948-49
Moore House - Kitchen Detail
Three bedroom brick house
Three bedroom brick house