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Soldiers' Tower, damage after struck by lightening, Sept. 2, 1930
Interior view of Holwood (Flavelle House), 78 Queen's Park Crescent, showing the dining room
John L. Synge, Professor of Applied Mathematics
University of Toronto Senior Rugby Team, Intercollegiate Champions 1936-37
University of Toronto Senior Rugby Team, 1932-33 Intercollegiate Champions - Eastern Finalists
University of Toronto British Rugby Club, 1931
Rugby football player James I. Stewart
Intermediate Rugby Team, 1934-35
Exterior view of Student's Union and Gymnasium, 1935
C.P. Stacey
University of Toronto Intercollegiate Water Polo Champions, 1929-30
Scene from the 1934 Hart House production of Michael.
Photograph of a oil painting of David Dunlap for whom the David Dunlap Observatory was built and named.
Dr. Chant and Jessie Dunlap, benefactor of the David Dunlap Observatory, seen here in the rotunda of the main administrative building, October 26, 1934
Class in Massage , second year, physiotherapy
Dr. Bethune operating in a tent on the front line.
Dr. Bethune examining the wounded.
Dr. Bethune examining the wounded at the wounded at the 2nd Health Station of the rear line hospital of the 3rd Sub-district.
Dr. Bethune giving treatment to a teenage soldier of the Eighth Route Army of the Central Hopei Military Command around October 1939.
Soldiers of the Eighth Route Army escorting Dr. Bethune on his way from Chia hsien to Hochiachuan in 1938