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Prof. Hermann Boeschenstein
Watercolour of Trinity College Chapel
School of Nursing graduate Floris King taken from graduating class composite
Omond Solandt in uniform
J. Tuzo Wilson with model of earth showing tectonic plates.
Pierre Souvairan with group at piano
1972 Graduating Class, Commerce and Finance University of Toronto
1973 Graduating Class, Commerce and Finance University of Toronto
James Ham receiving the Companion of the Order of Canada from Governor General Roland Michener,
Sketch of the Canadian Pavilion for Reciprocity Exhibit - 'Patkau + 6'; prepared by Larry Richards for the Biennale Venice IV International Exhibition of Architecture
"One Way to Study"
"Power Puff"
"Hart House: Into The Light"
"Crowdsurfer at July Talk (Hart House 2014)"
"Food for Thought"
"The Speaker"
"Just to the Right"
Duo Dance
It's my Ball