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Kay Riddell
Six members of the Astronomy Department with the David Dunlap Observatory in the background.
George Edward Connell
Harold Innis in canoe on Peace River
Clara Benson unveiling plaque at the opening ceremonies for the Women's Athletic Centre.
"Going down the salt mines", taken in Berchtesgaden, Germany in June, 1889 showing Professor William Henry Vander Smissen at front.
Kathleen Russell, Director of the School of Nursing, shown here with International Students from the East.
Agnes Wrong, George Wrong and Ralph Hodder Williams at the old Golf Club in East Toronto
Harry Cassidy, Lewis Jones, Edna Cers taken during trip to Virginia
Ramsay Wright shown in office
Robert Falconer followed by Wilfrid Laurier walk across the front campus at the Special Convocation for the Installation of President Robert Falconer.
Marshall McLuhan and his wife Corrine
Harold Innis, Haus Seyle, Alf Earling Porsild in the Soviet Union
Dr. Bruce Kidd, seen here at Uof T Day Open House in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Education and Health
Varsity Centre Ambassadors
Locker Room opening at the Athletic Centre
William Dean and ? Matthews look over the Economic Atlas of Ontario?
Pauline McGibbon at convocation for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, June 13 1975
Charles P. Stacey with unidentified colleague taken in Ottawa
Donald Creighton and Claude Bissell