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Royal Flying Corps, tents on back campus.
Harold Innis in hospital overseas
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
Officers. University of Toronto. Canadian Officers Training Corps, Feb. 1915
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
Divisional School of Infantry, Niagara on the Lake, 1915
Lieut. Harold Watson, B.A. 1913, 13th Battery C.F.A.
C.O.T.C. recruits with sticks
The construction of Soldier's Tower, nearing completion Oct. 23 1923
Royal Flying Corps, with bed rolls in front of tents on University of Toronto Back Campus
J.R. Cockburn seen in World War I ambulance
Haultain with Senior Ward Aides (the Girls in Green) of the Military Hospitals of Ontario, June 1919
WWI Memorial plaque for the Faculty of Forestry
Returned WWI soldier in rehabilitation in Hart House - shown here on stationary bicycle
Surgeons at the Royal College of Dentists at a special six-day course of instruction in reconstruction work, December 1918
Engineering student Kent Duff in COTC Uniform
Women fruit pickers "farmerettes" at the Government Experimental Farm in Vineland Ontario in the summer of 1918.
"Take up the Sword of Justice. Join Now" World War I Recruitment poster on College Street in front of the Mining Building.
No.4 School of Aeronautics, Royal Air Force Toronto, Nov. 22 1918
"Enlist Now" - Cover of a World War I recruiting pamphlet.