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Col. Lang and A.D. LePan
President Robert Falconer sitting at desk
President Daniel Wilson and Professor van der Smissen
Agnes Elsie Marie Parkes
Official Residence, David Dunlap Observatory, Hall and Stairway
Rev. Thomas Eakin
William Dean
Joseph McCulley
John L. Synge, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Marshall McLuhan in front of door to office
Marshall McLuhan in office
Miss Dorothy M. Percy
Dr. Bruce Kidd, at Uof T Day Open House in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health.
R. J. Hamilton, first manager of the University of Toronto Press
Haultain with Senior Ward Aides (the Girls in Green) of the Military Hospitals of Ontario, June 1919
Sir Daniel Wilson
Joseph Arthur MacFarlane
Dr. Kenneth G. McKenzie, seated in front of his 1953 portrait
Frederick Lowy
Robert Ramsay Wright