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Nursing - Class of 1954 - Five Year Basic Degree Course
Nursing - Post Basic Course 1944-1945
Anna Marion Hilliard
K. J. R. Wightman
Mildred Vera Peters
Robert Laidlaw MacMillan
Frances Margaret Baker
Charles Herbert Best
Cavendish Research Students, June 1908
Mary Isabel Tom
Donald Walter Gordon Murray
Football Captains J.R. Pampe and B. R. Taylor
Rugby football player L. Hyman
William Albert Blake
Mike Raham and Mike Eben
University College Literary and Athletic Society Executive 1932-1933
Executive of the Undergraduate Magazine of University College 1932-1933
Frederick Banting and Norman Bethune graduating portraits.
Medical Society Executive, University of Toronto
Omond Solandt graduation portrait from the Faculty of Medicine